Waste to Wealth – Blue Economy

trash treasureResources often challenge innovators. Finding unlimited free resources solves a big challenge to innovation.

Waste is innovation waiting to happen. Best of all, waste is a free resource. If the waste is pollution is it less than free. There is a benefit from using it and people will often pay you to get rid of the waste.

There is no waste in nature. The output of one natural process is the input of another on and on until it goes full circle and is used again where it started. This is one of the core principles of the Blue Economy.

Waste is another way of saying, I don’t know how to use this.

Everything is a resource if you know what to do with it. The missing ingredient to turn a resource into a tool is information and there is infinite information. You just need to learn how to think. Predictive Innovation will help you to think better.

The better you are at seeing resources disguised as waste the more resources you have available. Trash is an obvious form of waste. Most people recognize wasted energy. What other things can be waste? I find these 6 categories useful:

  • Matter
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Time
  • People
  • Information

What are all the ways those items can be wasted? To answer that question you need the Predictive Innovation Alternatives. There are always 36 Alternatives for anything. So there are at least 36 distinct types of waste for each of those 6 items resulting in 216 Types of Waste. Eliminating that waste or better yet, finding a valuable use for it, are innovation opportunities waiting to be utilized. This table describes each type.




~ too
  • too unique
  • too exclusive
  • too refined
  • too little uniqueness
  • uniqueness is wrong type
  • only the type is wrong
  • needs amount & type
  • unique, no other options
  • only, focus on precision
  • stays unique too long
  • is the only option too long
  • type, other required items not available
  • amount, consolidation, monopoly
  • time, too soon / late, only chance missed
  • too much variation of uniqueness
  • unpredictable, duration, amount, type
  • too many divisions
  • too many pieces
  • too few divisions
  • too small divisions
  • too few pieces
  • divided in wrong types
  • partially wrong type
  • precise relationship, parts much match precisely
  • stops fitting other parts
  • becomes incomplete
  • starts / ends too soon
  • lasts too long
  • unpredictable divisions
  • differences, variation between time, amount, types
  • too much duplication
  • too small
  • too few
  • quantity, volume instead of count
  • too precise quantities
  • too many requirements
  • duplication, type / amounts
  • false starts
  • delays
  • too many times
  • unpredictable iterations, length, amount, type
  • too many option
  • too few options
  • wrong type of options
  • options is the wrong type of solution
  • not interchangeable
  • not enough overlap
  • choices last too long
  • range lasts too long
  • becomes wrong type of options
  • becomes wrong amount of options
  • unpredictable
  • too many options fluctuate
  • too much fluctuation of options
  • unpredictable options
  • inconsistent
  • too much included
  • incomplete
  • all types wrong, amount is important
  • all precision, no flexibility
  • static, no flexibility
  • becomes too inclusive
  • becomes completely wrong type
  • becomes all
  • becomes completely too soon / late
  • becomes always too soon / late
  • becomes too frequency, overwhelming
  • always varies
  • range of variation
  • types of variation
  • too much absence, frequency
  • too much absence, length of presence
  • too little absence, frequency
  • too little absence, length of presence
  • no type
  • never type
  • never precise
  • nothing precise
  • never stays the same
  • nothing stays the same
  • disappears
  • doesn’t exist
  • not ready to happen
  • never happens
  • stops
  • no duration
  • never stops
  • never returns amount / type
  • unpredictable amounts, absence


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