Predictive Innovation® is 1st Principles thinking for next generation success.

Derived from logical proofs & backed up with 25 years of evidence. See further, do more, win bigger.

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

Imagine being able to predict what consumers will want before it is available on the market. Imagine not playing catch-up with your product, but being the frontrunner of an amazing solution."

If you want to get ahead and stay ahead you need to know what customers will want before anyone else and you need to be able to find the best solutions before anyone else. You can't be reactive. If you wait for customers to complain then you're already in a race with your competition. You can't get ahead by trial & error. There are an infinite number of ways to fail. Failing quicker only wastes your time, money, and patience. In fact there is no process that will help you get ahead because process is about speed. You need the correct information before anyone else.

Predictive Innovation® is radically different from other approaches. Its a model of thinking based on information theory and confirmed by 25 years of scientific research. Rather than a random mess of tips someone felt helped them, Predictive Innovation® is a serious system derived from logical proofs. This is how scientists like Albert Einstein predicted discoveries that led to nuclear energy and enabled space travel to the moon & Mars. The real breakthroughs don't happen by accident. They happen because informed people know where to look. You can now be one of the informed people. Start looking in the correct places for success in your business or personal life.

Predictive Innovation shows you both what to make and how to make it. Most importantly, Predictive Innovation shows you the comprehensive list of options. Not just more, not just better, it shows you the entire picture and that is the only way to be sure you didn’t miss the best idea.

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All training materials come with membership to the Slack team so you can get help from experts and other people like yourself using Predictive Innovation® in their organizations.


Get help from experts with decades of experience to solve your seemingly unsolvable problems, measure desires, & create high profit low risk business strategies.


Key Features

Predictive Innovation is a system of thinking derived from 1st Principles. This is how Elon Musk solves seemingly unsolvable problems. You can tap into the same thinking power.

Other Systems

Predictive Innovation is different from other systems because it focuses on thinking instead of doing. This makes it a perfect fit for any organization.

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Innovation Quotient

How much is an idea worth?
How can you measure an idea before building it without endless trial & error?
How can you maximize the value or your ideas?

Innovation Quotient

Intellectual Property Strategy

Most companies ignore 75% of the value of their intellectual property. Predictive Innovation enables different approach that captures the full value.

Intellectual Property Strategy