Reduces Risk

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Reduces Risk

  • Predicts innovations
  • Allows you to start earlier
  • Reduces time to market
  • Shows you all the alternatives
  • Solutions to technical challenges

The main way Predicted Innovation reduces risk is by showing you what customers want, when they will want it, and how to most profitably make it. Typically 40% of new products fail at launch even after filtering out hundreds of ideas. The typical success rate is nearly random.

Most companies simply do not know what customers want. Predictive Innovation solves the problem, producing success rates as high as 96%.

Rushing creates bad decisions and risk that competition will get ahead of you Predictive Innovation provides a map, in advance, so you can prepare and start working before others even are even aware. You get a head start; so, you can always have first mover advantage.

Starting at the right time means you can avoid risky new technology. Your time to market is reduced which also improves accuracy, further reducing risk. You avoid all the pitfalls and smoothly develop and market the next big success.

Predictive Innovation shows you all the alternatives of what to make and how to make it. You get to choose the best. Plus, if there's a problem, you have other options that build on your investment so you can steer around things that pop up and completely avoid roadblocks.

Because Predictive Innovation systematically describes the entire ideas space in a logical manner, you can quickly and easily solve technical challenges.

By predicting innovations so you can start development earlier and reducing time to market, plus showing you alternatives and solutions to technical challenges, Predictive Innovation reduces risk.

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