22. Summary

22. Summary

Predictive Innovation completely changes what is possible for innovation and problem solving. The systematic approach helps you analyze anything, not just businesses. The more you practice Predictive Innovation the more uses you will find.

Hopefully the explanations and many examples in this book are enough for you to begin using Predictive Innovation on your own. Too help you gain a deeper understanding more quickly we offer training.

Being able to reliably predict customers emerging expectations and ways of satisfying those expectations opens up a wide variety of new business models and strategies.

Now that you know the basics of Predictive Innovation I recommend reading “The Mind of the Startup Strategist” by Len Kaplan, ISBN 978-0-557-04498-6. This book presents 12 strategies to maximize profits and minimize the risks facing any new product and especially a startup business. These strategies were developed using Predictive Innovation and can only be performed if you know how to use Predictive Innovation. This can be your secret advantage.

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