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11. Exercise 3 Example

Scenario: Write books using a laptop computer Functions: Create new document Store writing Find old writing Change writing Send writing to other people Print writing Recover changes Combine writing & images from different sources and times. < Previous exercise | Next exercise >

11. Exercise 2 Example

Scenario: Write books using a laptop computer Desires: Work in many locations Writing is nicely formatted Easily make changes Have access to large amount of material Text to speech help proof read my writing < Previous Exercise | Next Exercise >

11. Exercise 6

Using the 3 lists you created to map Components to Functions and Functions to Outcomes or desires. List any Components or Functions that detract from satisfying your desires. Click to see an example Practice these exercises with every product and service you encounter < Previous Exercise | Chapter 12

11. Exercise 6 Example

Scenario: Write books using a laptop computer Unsatisfying Components: Air vents on bottom get blocked when using on my lap or soft surface Can’t switch batteries without shutting down or plugging in Chrome decoration breaks off Keyboard collects dirt / dust < Previous exercise | Chapter 12

11. Exercise 5 Example

Scenario: Write books using a laptop computer Components: Logos, chrome decoration gaps between buttons < Previous exercise | Next exercise >

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