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Thomas Edison's trial and error approach died 100 years ago with the horse drawn wagon. Fail-fast, fail often only leads to failure. You have limited time and budget but infinite competition.

You need to know what customers will want before they start demanding it. You also need to know the most profitable way to deliver it before you start. Plus, you need to see future challenges and have solutions ready when those challenges pop up.

Geniuses see the future because they understand the underlying first principles that cause the future. You can too!

Start thinking the same way as billionare entrepreneur Elon Musk, world class scientists at MIT, business experts at Harvard, and legendary innovators like Steve Jobs. If you know their secret to thinking differently you will have the advantage over everyone else.

Predictive Innovation is different from all other approaches because it is a thinking system. All other systems are doing systems that focus on process. Predictive Innovation is framework for thinking that helps you see what to make and how to make it.

In the workshop, Mark Proffitt personally guides you through applying the knowledge from the self-paced material. Learn how to apply your new skills directly to your job or business.

✓ Create unlimited profitable new products & services before your competition

✓ Find solutions to your seemingly impossible problems

✓ Improve your processes

✓ Accurately Map future innovations 5-6 product generations into the future

✓ Translate fuzzy desires into objective Outcomes you can measure with real numbers

All of which helps you:

✓ Increase Your Profits

✓ Reduce Your Risk

✓ Maximize Your Return on Investment

✓ Secure Your Long-term Value

Included in the Basic package:

✓ Predictive Innovation: Core Skills 186 page interactive online book with instant feedback quizzes

Predictive Innovation Core Skills

✓ Downloadable PDF eBook version of Core Skills you can read on any eReader

PDF Kindle eBook reader Android Apple iPad

✓ 1 year access to 8 hours of 77 self-paced video tutorial


✓ Premium Membership in the Predictive Innovation Slack Community

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Professional package

Everything in the Basic package plus...

✓ A full year of monthly live webinar workshops with Mark Proffitt, author of Predictive Innovation. A $3000 value alone + everything in the Basic membership.


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