Who: Decider


Decider is one of the 4 basic Customer Actors. The Decider makes the decision to buy or use the product or service. The Decider and Payer are often the same person but in corporate decisions there are usually many Deciders who are not Payers or even Users.

Indirect Opposite
Indirect Other
Same / Stable
Become Stable
Return to Stable
1 One person directly decides.
The person does the action.
One person directly affected decides.
One person in favor of action decides.
One person who will benefit from action decides.
One person doesn’t decide. Abstains, banned.

One opposing person decides.

One person who will suffer from the decision decides.

One person directly decides against the action.

One person decides actions of other people.

  • Boss
  • Parent
  • Criminal
  • President
  • Dictator

Other person once.

One neutral person decides.
One unaffected person decides.
Unaffected person decides once.
One person stays the same.
Same person once.
Decider same as Payer, User, etc.

  • Judge
  • Referee
  • King
Becomes one person.
Person stabilizes once.

  • Tie breaking vote
  • Last person in a process
  • Trainee gains full control
One person fluctuates.
Person fluctuates once.
% Some people directly decide to do the action. “We agree to do this”

  • Voluntary democracy, group buying a pizza
Some people don’t decide, abstain, banned.

Some people decide to not do it.

  • % votes to veto
% Voting decides actions of other people.

  • State Democracy
Portion of same people decide.
Supreme Court.
Partially neutral people decide.
Some neutral people decide.
Arbitration committee votes.
Becomes a % of people.
Becomes a partial decider.

  • Child or trainee becomes a voter
  • Join a group
  • Mentally incapacitated
People who vote fluctuate.
% required for an action to pass fluctuates.
Person partial fluctuates.
M Many people in favor of decision decide.
Many people directly decide, they do the action as a group.
Person in favor of decision many times.
Decided by many people directly related to the action or results.

  • Pregnancy
  • Partnership
  • Large project requiring others to help.
Many people opposed to the action decide.
Many people negatively affected decide.
Many people decide against action.
Group required to block an action.
Against action many times.
Multiple groups needed to decide against action.

Many people don’t decide, abstain, banned.

Many other people decide.
Something that can be decided by different people.
Group of 3rd party people required to decide.

  • Escrow with confirmation
  • Bureaucracy
Many neutral people decide.
Need a number of neutral people to make decision.
Many people stay the same.
Same multiple people.
Same group.
Decider same many times.
Neutral people decide many times.
Starts as other type of decider then becomes a group.
Group stabilizes on size, or composition of members.
Group fluctuates.
Many people fluctuate.
Person(s) fluctuates many times.
Anyone decides for the action.

  • Freedom
  • Open Source
  • Public Domain
Anyone blocks an action.

Anyone doesn’t decide, abstains.

Any other person decides.
Seconding a motion in a meeting.
Anyone stays the same.
Anyone same as anyone else.
Neutral person decides anytime.
Any neutral person decides.
Becomes anyone.
Anyone stabilizes.
Person stabilizes anytime.
Anyone changes.
Changes between anyone.
Person changes anytime.
Everyone decides.
Default is not do it.
Always person for action.
Always directly decide.
Everyone must agree to block an action.
Opposite of anyone decides to do an action.
Always opposite person.
Everyone else.Always other person. Everyone the same.
Everyone in the deciding group stays the same.
Always the same person/people.
All the arbitration committee agrees.
Becomes everyone.
Everyone stabilizes.
Always stabilizes.
Everyone fluctuates.
Fluctuates between everyone.
Always fluctuates.
0 No one decides.
Left to chance.
Lack of knowledge.
Person never decides directly.
Must confer or ask permission.
Person never decides for the action.
No one blocks.
Free to do.
No one needed to block.
Unknown how to do action.
No one else.
Decision exclusively made by one person or type of person.
Not pressured.
Personal decision. (same as Direct)
Never other person.
Personal decision.
Impossible to delegate.
No one stays the same.
Never same person.
Take turns to decide. (person decides once)
Stays no one.
Always randomly chosen.
Becomes no one.
Never becomes a person.
Person never changes (always the same)
No one changes.


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