20. Innovation Quotient

20.Innovation Quotient

Predictive Innovation allows you to map the entire idea space for a concept. This means you can calculate the percentage of the idea space open for innovation or covered by your design. That percentage is the Innovation Quotient. A perfect Innovation Quotient is 100%.

The simple version of the Innovation Quotient is:

Innovation Quotient

This allows you to compare the potential of two different idea spaces or two different approaches to address an idea space.

The simple version is good for getting a quick-rough estimate of the innovation potential of a market or design. The more detailed approach to calculating the Innovation Quotient can:

  • quantify risk
  • compare the value of different designs
  • calculate depreciation for an innovation

Innovation Quotients are beyond the scope of Core Skills and are only mentioned to make you aware of additional capabilities of Predictive Innovation.

Attend a Predictive Innovation class to learn more about creating business models, designing strategies, and calculating advanced Innovation Quotients.

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