"Imagine being able to predict what consumers will want
before it is available on the market.
Imagine not playing catch-up with your product,
but being the frontrunner of an amazing solution."

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Your competition is global, constantly improving, and can always undercut your price. Times have changed innovation isn't just nice to have. You must innovate to survive.

Cheap labor in a foreign country is not your biggest threat. Automation and user collaboration are dropping prices below cheap all the way to free. Can you compete with free?

If you use old methods you will fail. Even if you copy their methods you will never catch up. The only way to get ahead and stay ahead is to think and act predictively.

Thomas Edison's trial and error approach died 100 years ago with the horse drawn wagon. Fail-fast, fail often only leads to failure. You have limited time and budget but infinite competition. You need to know what customers will want before they start demanding it. You also need to know the most profitable way to deliver it before you start. Plus, you need to see future challenges and have solutions ready when those challenges pop up.

If you want to get ahead and stay ahead you need to know what customers will want before anyone else and you need to be able to find the best solutions before anyone else. You can't be reactive. If you wait for customers to complain then you're already in a race with your competition. You can't get ahead by trial & error. There are an infinite number of ways to fail. Failing quicker only wastes your time, money, and patience. In fact there is no process that will help you get ahead because process is about speed. You need the correct information before anyone else.

  • If you want efficient, controllable, repeatable, competitive, reliable, and low-risk Product Development you need Predictive Innovation®.
  • If you want the highest value most successful Business Models & Strategy you need Predictive Innovation®.
  • If you want to solve seemingly impossible problems on demand you need Predictive Innovation®.

Predictive Innovation® is radically different from other approaches. Its a model of thinking based on information theory and confirmed by 25 years of scientific research. Rather than a random mess of tips someone felt helped them, Predictive Innovation® is a serious system derived from logical proofs. This is how scientists like Albert Einstein predicted discoveries that led to nuclear energy and enabled space travel to the moon & Mars. The real breakthroughs don't happen by accident. They happen because informed people know where to look. You can now be one of the informed people. Start looking in the correct places for success in your business or personal life.

Predictive Innovation shows you both what to make and how to make it. Most importantly, Predictive Innovation shows you the comprehensive list of options. Not just more, not just better, it shows you the entire picture and that is the only way to be sure you didn’t miss the best idea.

If you were thinking that seems too good to be true. Remember these wise words.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke

Predictive Innovation isn't magic. Its very advanced technology. Much of what is normal today was considered science fiction during the lifetime of most people alive today. Cell phones, space travel, live video chat, 3D printers, lasers, personal robots, were all unbelievable but now are common place.

How well does Predictive Innovation work?

Study at Fortune 500 Companies shows Predictive Innovation approach 95 Times More Profitable

Study at Fortune 500 Companies shows Predictive Innovation approach 95 Times More Profitable

Independent research published by Stevens & Burley in 2003 discovered that the Top 1/3 of product managers at Fortune 500 companies produced 95 times higher profits than their peers. Perhaps more importantly they had a 96% success rate while their peers lost money 40-60% of the time. These top performers were doing something very different from the rest and it produced much better results. The difference wasn't process or resources or even talent. The difference was the type of information they used. They did precisely what Predictive Innovation describes. The research confirmed the theory.

Who's Using Predictive Innovation Today?

Organizations around the world ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 have received Predictive Innovation training or used consulting services to achieve remarkable success. Some of the organizations include:

Samsung uses Predictive Innovation WL Gore uses Predictive Innovation JPMorgan Chase
MIT - Massachusets Institute of Technology Eastern Michigan University students learned Predictive Innovation Baker College students learned Predictive Innovation Ubaya University of Surabaya


MIT Media Lab is using Predictive Innovation techniques to:

  • Invent cameras that can see 3D shapes around corners.
  • Create a cheap add-on to cell phones to allow people in poor countries without access to doctors to get eyeglass prescriptions and scan for cataracts.

Ubaya undergraduate students were able to find a solution to a seemingly impossible problem of polluted rivers in Indonesia that improved the environment, created income for the poor, and it was entirely self-funding. They were able to find this solution in just 2 hours after taking an introductory Predictive Innovation class.

JPMorgan Chase found $6 million of lost profits for a single project that were completely missed by the accountants and likely can be found at hundreds of other large companies.

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